Travel Journeys Sankey Diagram


The clients wanted to make a digital book about their foreign vacations together as a family. They had the photos and short writings about the various places they visited. But they felt that something was missing. As a family, they love the journey part and the transit travel between the destinations of the trip which was not being represented.


Together, we first made a list of all the vacations they had taken together. We eliminated the flights taken to reach the destination country since we wanted to focus on internal travel. We wanted to showcase which mode of travel was used where and the modes of travel most used. Since the relationship between data points was a mix of one to one and many to many, sankey diagram fit the bill. Also the flow represents movement and therefore felt perfect to depict journeys.
The clients loved the idea and the simple yet beautiful visualization that clearly shows what modes of travel were taken by the family in which trips and how they are fans of driving and trains!