Displaying Data Presentation


Being a visualiser, I had to give a special presentation on principles of displaying data in my college. I wanted the presentation to have a bright and colorful look. Also, I wanted to include a fair bit of text in the slides since the presentation was going to be shared with the students for reference later.
I decided to not choose a pre-built template and instead kept the background white with colors that look pretty yet subtle. I included charts and text in a way that the presentation makes sense standalone without the presenter and still look good while presenting.


Visualization makes it easier to understand data and communicate the insights. To make sure that the visualization fulfills its purpose, it is important to follow certain rules while creating visualizations.
The presentation is about the 5 most important principles to keep in mind while displaying data. The style of the presentation is simple, fun and colorful with lots of examples about the correct and incorrect ways of making viz.