Prism of possibilities


I had to come up with a fiction story of less than 2000 words for a web magazine that promoted LGBTQ awareness. I wanted the story to have a positive conclusion and a twist. A couple of drafts and may edits later, I was happy with the final piece and so was the magazine editor!


As he kicked his bike, Shalin felt a rush of energy. Today was the selection day of the college play. He had practiced hard and was very sure of which part he wanted to audition for. In fact, he already envisaged himself in the role and knew he could play this part better than other parts. He had always loved everything about plays and dramas.
Many of his friends even teased him as a drama queen!

As he sped towards the college, Shalin’s mind was whirling with emotions. This was his first and last chance to act in the college play. It was just this year that his college had introduced the concept of having an optional drama class and a performance at the end of the semester. To Shalin's delight, the college had appointed a drama teacher to guide them. Interested students could take the extra class after regular classes. Shalin had immediately signed up for it and persuaded many of the other students too. It was now 3 months since the drama classes had commenced and just a month remained for the end of college. The play would therefore happen on the last day of college and the theme was decided. It was his final semester of graduation and he badly wanted to be a part of this play.

When Shalin came back from college, the first thing he did was go to his parents' room. He went to the dressing table and sifted through the various items in the drawer. "Ah found it! This should look good!", Shalin exclaimed.

Please find the complete story published on my medium page here - Prism of possibilities